Products & Technology

Wireline Sheaves – SABTEX INTERNATIONAL SX Series™ provides state of the art wireline sheaves designed specifically with safety, functionality and corrosion in mind.  Our sheaves are manufactured with cast nylon material making them extremely light weight, durable and corrosion free.   Our sheaves are also fitted with custom light weight components made out of aluminum and carbon fiber.

Additional benefits include:  Extended wire rope life through new wear resistant technology, decreased cable slippage and reduced vibrations.

  • SX Series™
  • ATEX Certified SX Sheaves™  (EU Compliant)

 Wire Rope Cleaners – SABTEX INTERNATIONAL WR Series™ leads the industry with cleaning power and precision.   Our wire rope cleaners are compact, quick to install and include abrasion resistant inserts.  They utilize air, water and steam to handle the toughest conditions.

  •  WR Series™